Sunday, March 29, 2009

The 1st pa-tootie of many, but hopefully there's more Kuty to follow

What better way to start off a blog than to tell all about a sick baby...well, Mason is sick. It all started thursday night, what i thought was going to be just a regular ol' sleep through the night night turned into cough spells. No big deal for Mason though, he slept right through them, but he is STILL in the bassinet right next to my bed, so that means everytime he coughs I shoot straight up to check to make sure he's not choking. Anyway, morning comes around and my baby that usually lets me sleep 'til 10AM(i know, i'm VERY blessed) wakes up at 8AM and doesn't let me put him down for a minute. Have you ever blow dried your hair with a baby in the bjorn? not the funnest. i had made plans with Ericks mom, whom i've never met before, to go to lunch with her this day so i HAD to get ready. We went to lunch and Mason was fussy, fussy, fussy, i felt kinda bad, it was the first time she got to meet her grandson. All morning i was thinking maybe he had allergies as it was very windy the day before and the news was talking about how allergies were very bad this year. After lunch his dry cough turned into a "barking cough" with a fever. I called the advice nurse and she said there's really nothing you can do, just give him warm apple juice to sooth the cough. so, that's what we've been doing. by the way he LOVES apple juice. surprisingly he sleept VERY well friday night, 9:30-5:30-10:00. Saturday i took work off, Mason really loves his mommy so i wanted to be there for him. he did okay during the day but thenevening rolled around and it got pretty bad. I thought it might be croup so i steamed up the bathroom and sat in there for 10 minutes with him but it almost seemed to make it worse, so i took him outside in the cool air, maybe it would help his airways unswell, nothing was helping, he wasn't able to eat very well. at this point he was screaming, there was nothing i could do for him, yes i was in tears too, there's nothing worse than knowing your child is in pain and you can do nothing to make it go away. Erick gave him a blessing, imediately following i was able to get him to latch on well and he was able to eat and fall asleep. it was a tough night but we got through it. he was up every couple of hours for a couple of hours. he has been better today. except he lost his voice through all the coughing, it's sad but kinda cute at the same time. He's passed out at the moment and hopefully can get good rest tonight. i've talked to the advice nurse once a day, if it's not better tomorrow i'll take him to the dr. as the weekend will be over and the office will be open.


Uh-oh, i've fallen once more...1st I joined myspace, then I "grew up" and got a facebook and now here we go again, something new to get addicted to. Oh well...I AM a stay at home mom, what better do i have to do with my time?
Well,I decided this would be a good way to keep track of Mason's accomplishments since i do NOT have a baby book for him. we'll see how good i am at actually writting on here. Oh you may get some stuff about Erick and I on here as well.