Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So I have been a total slacker, i started this blog to document all of Mason's accomplishments and milestones, he is truning 1 this month and, well, as you can see, i haven't documented ANY of his milestones. (sorry Mason) I was hoping to Print this out and have it as a "baby book" as i have yet to purchase one for him. That being said, i have nothing written down anywhere so i will try to guess before it gets too late and i really have no clue.

Hmmm...where to start?

First smile: he smiled in the hospital, i know what you're thinking, "it was just gas" don't burst my bubble, i believe he was socialy smiling at a very young age.

Rolled over: somewhere between 4 and 5 months. felt like forever. he also started sitting on his own really well at about that same time.

First tooth: 7 1/2 months, followed by tooth #2 about a month later. Still the only 2 teeth that have popped up. Though i "believe" he's ALWAYS teething, in which case he gets tylenol. he has to be with all that drool and crying and gnawing.

crawling: he was arming crawling for awhile and pulling himself up on furniture(i thought he'd skip real crawling) but he started to actually crawl when we bpught our first house and he had space to move around. 8 1/2 months.

first step: just after he started to really crawl. 8 1/2 months. silly boy, did it when mommy and daddy where out, Aunt Alicia wittnesses the first. he's been walking really well since about 9 months.

first word: Ball? that's ball as a question, not me guessing whether that was it or not. it was at about 10 months. we were at my parents and i asked him where the ball was he then put his arms out and looked around and said, "ball?"

first bloody nose: Today...i took him to the park and he saw a toy he was eager to get, tripped on the way to it and hit his face on a cement step surrounding the playground. Poor baby.

other fun facts about mason: He eats EVERYTHING, this boy is going to eat us out of house and home. He loves to wrestle with daddy and throw things down the stairs. his favorite pass time is sitting on mommys lap(i say that with a smile, haha) he also loves having books read to him, he will get one off the bookself and bring it to me.