Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sick lil guy

I buckled down and took Mason to the doctor yesterday. Turns out he has RSV, Respiratory syncytial virus infection. It's alot like the common cold and should clear up on it's own. Dr. said on the 4th day of illness the baby usually starts to get better or is hospitalized. He said Mason looks good and called him a happy wheezer. He was so active at the appointment laughing, talking, kicking, even rolled onto his side for the first time. The worst part of this whole thing is having to syringe his nose. I really like Mason's new doctor, he actually explained stuff to us. Mason had been on medication for acid reflux from a previous doctor, the new doctor said he doesn't like to medicate babies just for the heck of it so let's try to wean him. I like that. we actually have already weaned him i think, we were running low on medicine so we were rationing it, only giving him 1/2 a dose or only giving it to him when we thought he needed it. The doctor is leaving it up to me whether or not i want to keep giving it to him, all i have to do is email him and he'll send a prescription out. All in all, things should be getting better here very soon. oh by the way, at his appoinment Mason weighed 17lbs 6oz. my little hippo.


  1. hehe. hippo. What a big boy. And a happy wheezer. That's a good explanation of him. His DR sounds pretty awesome.

  2. Glad he is on the up side! Sound like you found a great Dr.

  3. Glad you found a dr. you like. I was reading the other day that sometimes babies spit up because the gastroesophageal sphincter is not tightened up yet. Usually around 6 months it should start to get better. By the way, I'm so happy you have a blog. I will show you some stuff when I come over for our hair appointments.