Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One year older and wiser too...

My sweet little boy has turned one year old...I CANNOT believe it, it feel like just a few weeks ago we were bringing home home from the hospital. Well we had a party for him(which i will blog about later when i find someone how to show me how to post multiple pictures with writing and stuff) it was fun plannig it. Yesterday I took him to his 1 year well baby check-up. He weighs 23 lbs 9 oz (57th percentile) and is 301/2 inches (67th percentile) i thought he'd be bigger than that, i thought he'd be closer to the 90th percentile for weight. 67th sounds about right for height though. at his appointment he had to get his 1 year shots, the nurse was TERRIBLE(it was a male nurse btw) normally the nurse gets all the shots set up then does them all in a row, bam, bam, bam, but this guy was rediculous. He would do one, set it down, take the cap off the next, do it and so on until he had all 4. Needless to say Mason screamed until that man left the room. Then Mason had to have blood drawn to test for heavy metals(becasue dad works construction) and for anemia. It had to be taken from his teeny, tiny vein. that means i had to pin him down while they did this. i think the pinning him down was what he hated most, it took 2 of us. they searched and searched back and forth between arms finally found one, or so they thought, stabbed him, didn't find it so they dug around in his little arm, couldn't find it so they then stabbed his other arm. once the blood started flowing he stopped crying, man that little guy is tough.
Here's a picture of him on his birthday!


  1. okay that sounds horrible, but he looks so cute on his birthday. sorry we couldn't make it. He is one tough guy!

  2. Oh..I'm so sorry. That is horrible. What a dumb nurse. He looks very happy in his picture :)

  3. torture! poor mason. love his little vest.